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In dem zweisprachigen Magazin (deutsch/englisch) „Zertus News“, für Mitarbeitende der Zertus GmbH setzten wir halbjährlich die verschiedenen Food Marken sowie Mitarbeitenden der internationalen Unternehmensgruppe in Szene. In der Dezemberausgabe 2022 steht alles unter dem Oberthema Purpose. Passend zur Jahreszeit durfte natürlich auch ein weihnachtliches Kuchenrezept darin nicht fehlen. Uns lief schon beim Schreiben das Wasser im Mund zusammen.


Crossing our fingers was worth it! We won the PR Report Award 2022 in the category "Technology-based Communication" for the development of the app FOKUS PI of the district of Pinneberg! A great success and a confirmation for social planning on its way to a citizen-friendly and digital administration of the future.


We are happy about the conclusion of a great project in the healthcare sector! We designed the website ( for the SEKMA project (cross-sector discharge management) funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and were at the official closing event with all project participants in mid-September.


As an independent, owner-run agency based in Hamburg, we leverage all potential to build the reputation of our clients with clear positioning, thereby generating significant added value. Thanks to the close relationship with other Format Group specialists, we can deploy our expertise efficiently and in a targeted fashion, entirely in the interests of the client.

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Regardless of the size of the company and the complexity of the task, we develop communicative strategies and solutions. We support our clients in the areas of PR, Design and Advertising with pithy content and strong messages. Our clients come from the areas of:




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