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JULY 2018


Multinational law firm Linklaters’ German Recruiting division just got an all new and shiny look with its international campaign that combines the local with the global. Truly phenomenal!

JULY 2018


Together with our Format Design-colleagues we had a great pleasure. In the most beautiful weather, we were able to live out our rush of speed and our design dreams with self-built soapboxes.

JUNE 2018


A new trading place for shares in the wind and solar energy is now with assettra and its new webpage online. The new auction platform is the first for investment in renewable energy.


As an independent, owner-run agency based in Hamburg, we leverage all potential to build the reputation of our clients with clear positioning, thereby generating significant added value. Thanks to the close relationship with other Format Group specialists, we can deploy our expertise efficiently and in a targeted fashion, entirely in the interests of the client.

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Regardless of the size of the company and the complexity of the task, we develop communicative strategies and solutions. We support our clients in the areas of PR, Design and Advertising with pithy content and strong messages. Our clients come from the areas of:




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