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Bünting Unternehmensgruppe

Combined trading force from East Frisia

The Bünting Group of companies with around 15,000 employees is part of Bünting Teehandelshaus and the distribution companies J. Bünting Coloniale, Famila, Combi and Jibi with their different focuses in retail. In addition, Bünting E-Commerce GmbH & Co. KG for the online business, Bünting Wholesale and Service GmbH & Co. KG as a wholesaler and several service companies come together under the umbrella of the group.

FORMAT combined the appearance of these companies in a group-wide Internet presence and took on all the key tasks from conception, design and editing to programming. The website was combined with an intranet site that networks the internal processes and databases and makes them accessible to all employees - whether in the head office or in the shops. In addition, a platform was developed and programmed that bundles all job offers across companies, standardized them and distributes them for applicants on different channels.

Client: J. Bünting Beteiligungs AG


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