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Departure into a new world of energy

The merger of Capital Stage AG and CHORUS Clean Energy AG in 2017 resulted in the creation of one of Europe's leading independent suppliers of electricity from renewable energies: Encavis AG. FORMAT examined the existing brand architectures, corporate cultures and goals, and developed a new name and a comprehensive new brand environment for listing in the S-Dax of Deutsche Börse in close cooperation with the client.

The successful history and great expertise of both houses are now combined under the new name Encavis. The new name combines three central themes that describe the new positioning on the renewable energy market: EN stands for the energy that is the core of all creativity. CA stands for capital, which is used to finance appealing projects and generate attractive returns. VIS stands for vision and is also the Latin word for strength. FORMAT managed the transformation process from name development to internal and external communication from a single source.

Client: Encavis AG / Capital Stage AG


Culture and Market Analysis
Name Development
Design Development
Brand & Identity
Brand Architecture
Value Creation
Transformation Communication