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Hagebaumarkt Möller & Förster

Starters and job switchers for the future

The Hagebau markets of Möller & Förster in Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are always on the lookout for motivated apprentices and committed employees. The demographic development and the high demands of brick-and-mortar retailing intensify competition for young and experienced people alike. FORMAT developed a trainee campaign in close cooperation with the client that strikes a chord with young people with a sense of humor. Young people plan their future optimistically, pragmatically and with great confidence in their own performance. The clip of the "all-rounder" combines all development possibilities of a professional career in retail. It was played to the target group at trade fairs, in the stores as well as on the company website, advertisements and social media.

On the other hand, the "switch campaign" developed by FORMAT is aimed at experienced experts from professional fields and promotes their entry as a consultant in the construction market. Here, too, a campaign was launched based on an eye-catching visual that achieved a high coverage at trade fairs via advertisements and the internet.

Client: Hagebaumarkt Möller & Förster


Employer Branding
Recruiting Communications