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A monthly magazine as diverse as the lives of its readers

Since 2012, FORMAT has been creating one of the most popular client magazines in the German retail sector for the Bünting Group and its grocery chains Famila, Combi and Jibi. From topic selection and recipe development in the cooking lab, across photoshoots and editorial implementation to print management, every month the team develops a roughly 72-page edition from one source. An interesting magazine is created every four weeks in close cooperation with the client, covering the topics of food, life and lifestyle based on the readers' living environments.

In regular reader surveys, the acceptance of content and design aligned with the goals of the client and the advertising industry. A light content and design facelift at the beginning of the year ensures the timeliness and relevance of the magazine for more than one million readers a month. Top satisfaction levels guarantee strong reader loyalty and thus stable client retention. They make the magazine a unique success story in the food retail industry.

Client: J. Bünting Beteiligungs AG


Content Creation
Editorial Publishing
Recipe Development
Cooking Lab
Photo Shoots