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Real Estate Brands

We turn real estate into independent brands

The value of a property as property or investment object results primarily from its location, architecture and fulfilment of purpose. Based on these individual parameters, FORMAT develops marketing concepts, real estate brandings and communication campaigns for project developers, real estate agents and issuing houses. Our expertise ranges from the marketing of individual new construction projects to sales prospectuses for comprehensive real estate investment portfolios. In this way we support service providers in the real estate industry in their own marketing and shape their reputation with special communication solutions.


For the project development business of real estate, we develop independent brands with a high recognition value. Real estate is a tangible asset whose intrinsic value is never lost - but which must always be rediscovered. When developing brand identities for the private and commercial project development business, for example, we intensively research project peculiarities and translate them into real estate brands that tell stories. 

Brand & Identity
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